Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube offer businesses the opportunity to communicate with a variety of large and diverse audiences on a personal level. While it can be very effective, social media marketing must be executed with a thoughtful and creative strategy in order for it to prove successful. Simply posting content doesn't get people engaged and engaged people are more likely to become customers.

Regardless of whether you’re new to social media marketing or have toyed with social platforms in the past, Your Groove Media can help you run social campaigns that produce measurable results; generating the most return on investment.

Our Strategy

There are several metrics that can be used to measure the success of a social media campaign and while we use many of those too, our strategy is specifically geared toward engagement; getting people to join the conversation about your business, its goods, and services. Engaged people are more likely to become customers, they are more loyal and often become ambassadors for your business.

Whether your goals include increasing your brand's awareness, promoting a specific product or service, driving traffic to your website, encouraging visits to your storefront, or a combination of these and others, we develop strategies that work. Let us show you how we can make them work for you.

Your Groove Media offers Social Media Marketing Services starting at only $159/month with no contracts! Call today; 707-599-0405


Select the right platforms

Not every organization needs to be active on every social platform. In fact, spreading yourself too thin on social media can put your business at a disadvantage. Based on your goals, we'll build (or rebuild) complete and appealing profiles on only those platforms that offer your business a competitive advantage.


Give your accounts some personality

Through profile pictures, cover photos, call-to-action buttons and other available resources, your social media accounts will look their best and encourage interaction with your fans and followers.


Working together to drive success

We'll integrate your social accounts with each other and with your website to give your followers a comfortable and engaging experience regardless of which platform(s) they use.


Efficient and effective social guidance

Marketing through social media can result in huge gains but can be an overwhelming task, especially when you have a business to run. We have years of successful social media marketing experience converting posts and 'likes' into revenue and are ready to put our experience to work for you.


Great content = Engagement

Great content is what separates average social marketing from social marketing that produces results. We create fresh, unique content that inspires users to engage with your business. From text and graphics to photos, video, and other media, Your Groove Media can handle all of your social content needs.


People use social media to communicate

Through your social media account(s), we'll respond to questions, comments, reviews, and other feedback in a professional and timely manner. We'll also proactively connect with businesses, groups, and other organizations in the area to promote your brand through social engagement.

Targeted Advertising

Reach those most likely to use your products and services

When executed correctly, targeted social media marketing is one of the best dollar-for-dollar investments in the digital marketing world. Our social media advertising services ensure that your ads are unique, creative, and administered to reach their fullest potential.