Community Marketing

Successfully marketing in your community is time consuming and requires some know-how but the return on investment can be quite substantial. However, for busy business owners, finding another minute in the day to take on such activities can seem like an impossible task. Your Groove Media can help.

We are pros at community marketing and can assist your organization in effectively marketing local. In fact, before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Myspace, members of our team were planning and executing successful street-level campaigns to promote businesses, products & specials, events and organizations.

Community and Charitable Marketing

A great localized marketing plan should include aspects of both direct marketing as well as marketing activities that are designed around support of the community. Businesses that participate is such activities often reap a variety of rewards. We have spent years testing and improving our community marketing methods and are eager to use our experience to help you make more money.

3 Benefits Of Marketing In Your Community

  1. Lower Costs – Marketing to the community you already serve is generally less expensive than other marketing methods and allows you to directly communicate with those most likely to use your good and services; the people who live and work near your business.
  2. Brand Awareness / Familiarity – When your business is involved in an ongoing series of marketing campaigns within the community, it increases your brand awareness through familiarity and also increases the likelihood local people will become your customers.
  3. Increase in Revenue – Marketing activities in your community often produce a quick response which results in a short-term revenue bump. As these customers continue to use your goods and services, revenue grows over time as well.

3 Benefits Of Charitable Marketing

  1. Sales Growth – A published report in Strategic Management Journal showed that, “philanthropic contributions are associated with increased sales growth in industries that are sensitive to public perception – like service and retail – and businesses that serve individual customers.”
  2. Employee Retention & Morale – Studies show that employees who work for businesses that participate in charitable programs are more productive and leave their jobs less frequently than those who do not. They also report a higher level of job satisfaction.
  3. Customer Loyalty – Members of the community are more likely to frequent your business if you participate in charitable activities that have an impact locally; even if it costs them a little more.

Participating in these types of activities can also help drive traffic to your website, improve your social media engagement and multiply the gains you see from your online marketing efforts. In fact, strategic marketing plans that include elements of both community and charitable marketing offer the biggest return and Your Groove Media can put together a unique and creative marketing plan that is based around your goals, schedule, budget, charitable interests and your brand’s core values.