Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

The Internet gives people the ability to shop at a time that is most convenient for them.  Two of the challenges businesses face in the digital era include; making people aware of the products and services they have available and making the purchasing process as easy and convenient as possible.

As a full-service marketing agency, Your Groove Media can smash through these obstacles by designing and executing digital marketing campaigns that lead people to your website and through the front door of your store. Additionally, our experienced web team will optimize your new or existing website to ensure shoppers can seamlessly become your next customer when they're ready to buy.

The Google Ads Network

Targeted advertising that results in higher ROI.

The Google Ads Network reaches over 90% of internet users around the world through millions of websites.  Navigating the world of search ads, display ads, video ads, and shopping ads can be complicated and time-consuming while mistakes can be expensive.  We are Google certified to run advertising campaigns through Google's "Big 4" platforms and can put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.

Monthly Reporting

Turning insights into action

One of the best parts of digital advertising is the massive amount of information one can acquire about buyer behavior, trends and advertising performance; just to name a few.  We'll send you monthly reports on your campaign's success and because we are also certified and experienced with Google's measurement components, you can rest assured we will constantly evaluate your campaign's performance to optimize your investment for maximum returns.

Localized Digital Marketing

Reach the local online community

While Google's Ad Network can effectively reach a majority of internet users around the globe, for some businesses, there is no gain in running ads that cast such a wide net.

Our localized digital marketing campaigns are designed to reach people closer to home, encouraging them to shop local through online purchases and in-store visits.

Supercharge Your Marketing

Hybrid strategies that drive sales

Increase your revenue by integrating components of our community marketing and social media management strategies into your overall marketing efforts.  We can put together an effective plan that is tailor-made to meet your goals.