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Is Your Facebook Business Page Profile Pic Working For You?


Our brains are wired to be visual so setting the right profile picture for your business page might be the most important thing you do when marketing through Facebook.  

Visuals are very powerful and play an important role in marketing.  Visuals influence behavior through emotion, communication, retention, information processing, decision making and a variety of other ways.  Visuals are created to get people to react and your Facebook profile picture is no different.  Its job is to get people to seek more information from your page.  

Your profile picture represents your brand and in the world of Facebook, is the 'face' of your business and your first chance to make a good impression.  It's easy to forget how many places your profile picture appears around Facebook, it's quite a few, which makes it an especially important and valuable component of your page. When you post content, use Facebook Messenger or respond to reviews, questions or comments, your profile picture is attached to those actions.   Your profile picture also displays when you comment on someone else's post and it represents your business when people use the search option.

When you comment on someone else's post

When you post content, your profile picture appears in the feeds of your followers

When someone contacts your business, your profile picture appears with your reply

When people use the search option, your profile pic is the first thing they generally see

There are a couple of profile picture strategies for business pages that are popular as well as effective and you can check out some examples below. Regardless of which strategy you choose, it's important that the photo or graphic be clean, easy to read and sized to fit right. Currently, Facebook requires a minimum of 180 x 180 pixels but 360 x 360 would be more ideal for a perfect fit.

The Organization's Logo

​One way to go is to use your organization's logo.  Using your logo as your profile picture looks professional and is a fantastic way to build brand recognition.  

Fall River Brewing Company - Fall River Brewing Company in Redding uses their logo as their profile picture. It has their name, their slogan, a graphic of a hop (a key component in the beer making process) and the date the brewery was established; an important piece of information to craft beer fans.  

Lost Coast Brewery - Another great choice is this one by Lost Coast Brewery in Humboldt County.  In this case, they've placed their logo on a bottle cap and used that as their profile picture and it's visually appealing.  

Haven Humane Society - Haven Humane has a cute picture of a dog and cat.  Regardless of how you come across this page, their name tells you what they do and the profile picture pulls at your heart strings.   

Don't Get Lazy

Take a look at the two examples below.  The Hyatt Regency uses a profile picture that doesn't fit the profile pic window therefore cutting off their own name.  Crustacean, a higher-end restaurant in San Francisco, uses a logo that is blurry and impossible to view in its entirety.   

In both cases, these profile pictures send the wrong message to consumers about the care put into these businesses. Will these types of errors cost them money?  Maybe. The Hyatt is a recognizable brand to most adults but is this the younger generation's (tomorrow's customer) first impression of the chain?  I only know Crustacean is a higher-end seafood restaurant because I was doing research for this post.  Otherwise, I may have skipped right over their page; Crustacean missing out on my money and me missing out on their amazing looking food and beautiful restaurant.  These poor profile pictures are certainly not helping these organizations make money and they look very unprofessional; especially considering they are easy things to fix.

Using Product as Your Profile Picture 

​Using a logo as your profile pic is important for branding purposes but there is an argument to be made that for small businesses, using shots of products they offer instead of a logo can provide an equal, if not greater, return on investment.  For example, if I'm searching for a restaurant, all other things the same, I'm much more likely to click on a page whose profile picture shows me what they have to offer versus a photo of their sign, their building or their logo.

Yaks on the 5 - Yaks on the 5 is famous for their burgers and it makes sense that they use a photo of one as their profile picture. If you love burgers, you simply can't get a more appealing photo than the one Yak's uses. Also, if you didn't know what a "Yak" was or had they failed to flll out the description part of their profile, the photo would tell the whole story.

J Boutique - The J Boutique name is just above two attractive women wearing some of the clothes the boutique sells.  Most people know what the word 'boutique' means and the picture makes it much more clear what kind of items can be found at the store.    

Sugar Shack Cafe - I love the Sugar Shack.  The food is delicious and the service has always been great.  However, I was aware of the Sugar Shack Cafe for a little over two years before I found out they offer really tasty breakfast and lunch options.  Their name and profile picture, according to my experience and an informal poll I conducted, make people believe that this is more of a bakery type cafe and not the kind of place you could find well prepared meals like breakfast scrambles, waffles, soup, burgers, salads and more .  As with Yak's, the Sugar Shack has gone with a photo of a product (great choice) instead of their logo but in this case, it's sending the wrong message to consumers about exactly what it is they offer. 

*Note: When this post was researched and written, we were only familiar with Sugar Shack Cafe as customers. We have since been hired by Sugar Shack Cafe (now Diner) to build their website, which you can view here, and run their marketing. The cupcake pic was the first thing we changed.  

West of Chicago Pizza Company - If you do choose to show off your products in your profile picture, use high-quality photos that make your product(s) look good.  Most cell phone cameras can handle the job and the money spent on a local photographer is worth the expense.  There is nothing about the West of Chicago Pizza Company's profile picture that makes me want to visit their page, get more info or order some food.  High-quality visuals make a huge difference.   

Getting Creative

It's understandable that people would want to make their profile picture unique and creative and I certainly don't want to stunt that vibe but this really isn't the place for doing so.  It's a small area that has a specific job to do.  Your page's cover photo area is a better place to get out some creative energy on your page.  

Pa'ina Lounge & Restaurant - ​The Pa'ina Lounge & Restaurant shows a woman with her back to the camera at the beach.  She is wearing one of the restaurant's shirts and holding her ponytail out to the side.  The restaurant serves Hawaiian-inspired food so the concept behind the photo makes sense.  However, it does little to drive traffic to the restaurant.   

This photo is from the Pa'ina Lounge & Restaurant website. This photo makes me want to go eat there. Right now. Why isn't this their profile picture?

One of the delicious dishes you can find at Pa'ina Lounge & Restaurant

Luciano's Italian Restaurant -  The gentleman in the photo below is Luciano, who you can barely see, pointing to a menu board which you can't read.  There is no harm is wanting to use the proud owner showcasing his specials as your profile picture but the photo is so low-quality, it hurts rather than helps. 

This is a photo from Luciano's website.  The gentleman at the table with the nice smile is Luciano, who looks relaxed sitting in his very inviting looking restaurant, surrounded by food and drink.  This photo makes me think that dining here would be a really enjoyable experience.  Cropped and sized correctly, this would make a great profile picture.  

Luciano inside his restaurant in Reno, Nevada

When picking your profile picture, don't overthink it.  Keep it simple.  Consider what is most likely going to get people to click on your page and go with that.  Use a high-quality graphic or photo, limit the amount of text and make sure it's sized right.   

We hope this post has helped.  If you need any help with design or have any questions about your profile picture, feel free to give us a call.   530-206-6175

Have a great day!

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