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Located in Red Bluff, CA


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Located in Red Bluff, CA

Go Ahead And Take The Day Off Work


 ​As any small business owner knows, taking some time off work for a vacation often seems like an impossible task. There is always something to do. Always.

You already know the emotional, physical and financial benefits of relaxing and recharging and yet it's often the first thing we sacrifice in our attempt to meet never-ending deadlines. 

 I was fortunate enough to meet a good friend along the California coast a few months ago for some camping and hiking and I wanted to share some pictures from my trip. If it inspires you to start planning a vacation, well, that's great too!

A fantastic resource for things to do in Northern California is this local website - NorCalPulse.com

Jedediah Smith State Park - Park's Website

This was my first visit to this park and I was stunned by its beauty.  The whole area is gorgeous but when you're in the bubble of this park, the peace and serenity really washes over you.  A trip through Stout Grove and a short walk on the popular Boy Scout Trail, which leads to Fern Falls, were pretty incredible experiences. 

Stout Grove
Stout Grove
Hike under a tree on the Boy Scout Trail

Klamath, California 

 The Klamath area has so much to offer.  From hiking trails and beautiful beaches to great camping and interesting shops, I'm so excited to make another trip to the area next year. 

Hidden Beach
Klamath Overlook
Hiking along the Coastal Trail

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park - Park's Website

​Prairie Creek is home to Fern Canyon and for being home to some of the scenes from Jurassic Park.  However, if you really want to see the beauty of the park, put on your hiking boots and get away from the popular areas.  This park has a whole side of it most people never see.

Love those Humboldt County beaches!
Hiking along the Friendship Ridge Trail
Such cool animals to watch
The West Side Trail
The light looks so gorgeous peering through the trees

 I hope you enjoyed the photos and they've inspired you to treat yourself to a vacation as well.  Northern California and the West Coast have so many incredible places to visit.  I can't wait to see what comes next!  Don't forget to subscribe to this blog for business and marketing information as well as some fun stuff too.

I need to get outside!  Enjoy your day.


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